About Me

I am a professional Kansan and I live in this circle.

Okay, okay.

Hi! I’m Jon Korte. 😀

I am a full-stack software engineer with 3+ years of experience, 2 of those years being on the job. I specialize in Python and Javascript, but I love learning languages in general. My first love was C++.

I am a lifelong learner. I’ve had the honor of working with brilliant people, friends who I taught and learned from alike, who challenged me to think in more efficient and focused ways. Their advice and insights have helped me grow into who I am now. I am truly thankful for them.

My trajectory has been rather unpredictable: I’ve found myself working on web apps for both a bank and payday loan company and then, not a year later, found myself modernizing legacy airplane component analyses using MBSE.

That unpredictability is what excites me.

Interested? Here’s my resume!

There’s so much more to learn, and I try to capture what I do learn on my blog. Knowledge is not for hoarding, so pass it ’round!

Random facts:

  • I have been a self-taught artist for 19 years.
  • I used to be in an Irish band for 7.5 years. It was dope.
  • I own too many instruments.
  • I have been Reverb.com sober since September 17th, 2020.
  • I’ve played Irish mandolin since 2010, Irish bouzouki since 2011, Irish guitar since 2014, Irish fiddle since 2017, and Irish banjo + Irish tenor guitar since 2019. (Most of these are tuned the exact same—efficient learning is key. 😉)
  • I speak Connacht Irish more than anyone asks me to.
  • I am very German.
  • I love whiskey.
  • I garden.
  • I sing.
  • If A=1 and Z=26, then there are no even-numbered vowels. This is not very amazing but it still makes me smile.